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Are you stressed? Anxious and overthinking? Fighting with your spouse and family? Does it feel like no one understands you? We understand and are here to help!


In therapy, you will learn how to communicate better, cope in healthier ways and develop a deeper connection with yourself and others. We will show you how to gain control over your life and find a sense of balance.  You will heal in our warm, non-judgmental and confidential environment.  


Counseling Center of South Jersey provides therapy to individuals, couples and families in New Jersey. We help people struggling with a variety of issues, including anxiety, depression, grief, marriage / relationship issues, communication, self-esteem and more, navigate through life's challenges, cope in healthier ways and build a meaningful life. Our licensed therapists are caring and empathetic and dedicated to helping you heal and thrive.

Transform Your Life, One Session at a Time

Individual, Couple + Family Therapy in NJ

Meet Amelia

Treatment That Works

Our therapists are highly trained and use treatment methods backed by science and proven to help.

Non-judgmental Space

Our non-judgemental environment makes it easy to express yourself freely and authentically. We all need a safe place to express ourselves. 


Our therapists establish trusting relationships through open and honest communication. Clients are then empowered to identify their strengths and utilize them to reach their goals. 



Individual Therapy

Work one on one with a therapist to develop tools to build a stronger relationship with yourself and others. We offer a safe and confidential space to embark on a transformative journey towards healing and personal growth. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, relationships issues, communication challenges or something else, our compassionate therapists are dedicated to helping you navigate and persevere through life's challenges.  Embracing therapy demonstrates a commitment to personal growth, well-being and mental health.


Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a compassionate and safe space for couples to heal, grow, and rediscover their love. Our therapists understand the complexities of relationships and are committed to helping you build meaningful and intimate connections. Learn how to communicate better, manage conflict in healthier ways and develop a deeper connection with yourself and your partner.  Embracing marriage counseling is a sign of commitment and strength, not failure.


Family Therapy

Families exist together, and they can heal together as well.  Our therapists create a a safe and supportive environment that engenders trust, growth, and conversation.  Open communication, collaboration and a variety of therapeutic approaches and techniques are utilized and tailored to the specific needs of each family. We are committed to helping families thrive and achieve long-lasting positive change.

Client Testimonials

"[Carly] wanted me to fly on my own, so she helped me build my wings, one coping skill at a time. I learned the power of positive self-talk + slowly began to change my inner narrative. I began to understand that it’s okay to say “no,” even though it may disappoint someone else. I learned how to listen to myself."


“The second Carly spoke it was like a weighted blanket for my soul. She helped me find my next breath while living in a body that felt like it was drowning. She not only listened to me: she saw me."


“I made myself so hidden because I did not feel confident in my skin, in my value, in my skillset, in my thoughts, in my spoken word. [Carly] really helped me know that I should share myself, and doing so opens up community - which I strive for. Since I started seeing [Carly}, I've felt a connection with both myself and my community which is beyond huge.”


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